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Correct Glock Cleaning Techniques from Hickok45 [VIDEO]

Glock pistols are known to be almost unstoppable but they still need to be maintained.

Proper gun maintenance will keep your Glock going strong for decades.

Here is how Hickok45 cleans his Glocks.

The Glock family of handguns are the go-to pistol for police, recreational shooters, hunters and citizens.

Though these tougher-than-nails pistols are made to endure major torture; proper maintenance will keep them shooting for decades.

Who wants a dirty and rusty pistol that may not function correctly when you need it the most? That beauty needs some loving too.

Break out your cleaning kit and give it a thorough and proper cleaning Hickok45-style.


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Correct Glock Cleaning Techniques from Hickok45 [VIDEO]