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Correct These Deer Habitat Problems and See More Bucks

Landowners looking to improve the deer habitat and deer hunting on their property should focus on fixing these common problems.

Many landowners and property managers invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars annually and see disappointing results during hunting season.

By correcting the common deer habitat problems discussed in this video, you will see more success when next year’s hunting season rolls around.

Watch and learn.

The main problem with most deer habitat improvements is that they are not created within an inclusive plan for the property. Factors like deer/human interaction, stand site access, and buck and doe bedding areas should be in the hands of the land manager, not the deer.

Fix some of the most common deer habitat problems and see better results on your property during hunting season.

  1. Wide open woodsA mature hardwood forest does not provide deer with security and, aside from good acorn years, does not provide food for your deer herd.
  2. Not enough daytime coverDeer, especially big bucks, need a place they feel safe during the day. If your property lacks daytime bedding areas, the deer will bed on the neighbors’.
  3. No visual screensIf deer see you approaching your stand site, you will not get a shot at a mature buck. It’s that simple.
  4. No segmentation of deer useBy intensively managing your property through hinge cutting, selective logging, and the creation of food plots, you can literally dictate how the deer use your land. Make a plan and stick to it for the best results.
  5. Not enough food and waterMany hunters plant food plots and wonder why they are still not seeing the big bucks they have on their trail cameras. Water is essential to holding deer on your property. If you don’t have a natural water source, create a man-made one and see more big bucks.
  6. Hunting the edges of large fieldsIn pressured areas, big bucks avoid wide open areas until after dark. Create micro-plots to catch them on their feet during daylight hours.
  7. Not enough hunting locationsDeer pattern hunters far better than we pattern them. Hunting multiple stand sites will keep them guessing.

If you’re not seeing the kind of action you’d hoped for on your hunting property this season, make a plan to correct these common deer habitat problems and see more success next season.

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Correct These Deer Habitat Problems and See More Bucks