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When Corey Jacobsen Talks Elk Calls, Smart Hunters Listen

Corey Jacobsen is a 9-time world champion elk caller. Here’s what he has to say about calling elk.

There’s no better learning experience than picking the brain of someone more seasoned. In this video, Randy Newberg asks Corey Jacobsen some common elk-calling questions.

If you listen closely, you can use this information to call in a screaming bull this fall.

Here are some takeaways to help you in the elk woods this fall.

  • Every situation is different. Knowing what to say to a bull (and when to say it) is as important as how you say it.
  • Get in close. A challenge bugle from 100 yards is much more effective than the same call from 300 yards.
  • Make sure you’re responding to the bull instead of letting the bull respond to you. This will ensure that you are the challenger and the bull will be forced to come in for a fight.
  • Get the bull fired up and looking for a fight, and you’ll have a better chance to shoot him if he comes in.

Use these tips to get started on your elk hunting journey or master the skills you already possess, and send us a photo!


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When Corey Jacobsen Talks Elk Calls, Smart Hunters Listen