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Cordage Made the Easy Way with the Reverse Wrap Method


If you find yourself in a survival situation with no cordage, remember the reverse wrap method to make some from natural materials around you.

While most of us carry and use commercially made lashing materials such as paracord for our outdoor needs there could be a time when you don't have any available. That is when knowing how to make cordage from natural materials found in the bush can really come in handy.

There are numerous techniques for weaving fibrous materials into usable cordage, but one technique I found the easiest to master is the reverse wrap method. It not only allows you to produce quick strong lashings once you become proficient with it, but also a easy way to splice more pieces together for making long lengths at a time when needed.

Follow along with me in the video below to learn this super simple technique.

I highly recommend getting a hold of a bag of raffia as I mentioned in the video. It is something I wish I would have learned of long ago when I first began learning to make cordage. I can't tell you how many hours I spent processing inner tree bark or stinging nettle just to be able to practice.

I feel learning some form of technique for making cordage is a base skill everyone should learn when spending time in the woods. Without the ability to produce some when needed in a emergency situation you will find it much harder to make shelters or other items that could save your life.


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Cordage Made the Easy Way with the Reverse Wrap Method