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These Cops Losing Their Boat at the Launch Will Have You Smiling All Day


This hilarious video of cops losing their boat at the launch will give laughs all the way to the doughnut shop.

A video shared by the Facebook page “Sometimes I Just Get Lured Away” shows a group of police officers at the ramp backing down a loaded department kodiak boat, only to realize, with one officer on board, that the boat is breaking free from the hitch.

As it careens down the ramp, whipping around a hundred and eighty degrees, the officer on-board is thrown from the boat into the bushes. To see your tax dollars at work, you’ll love this video.

He appears to be okay, with nothing really hurt but his pride. The other officers attempt to turn the trailer around under water and the boat just pushes further into the lake, separating from the trailer. By then, an officer on board throws a bow line to another swimming in the water. They gain control of the boat, and another shirtless officer drags the trailer back up the ramp.

With a number of negative videos involving law enforcement going viral, this is one is a refreshing blooper that will make anybody laugh. We’ve all had those moments when everything that could go wrong seems to, but these officers fought Murphy’s Law, and the law won. It’s humbling to see them out of their crisp, clean uniforms, joining the ranks of shirtless googans trying to recover their watercraft.

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These Cops Losing Their Boat at the Launch Will Have You Smiling All Day