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Cops Allegedly Run Down Woodchuck with Golf Cart, Face Firing

Two police officers were suspended over an alleged woodchuck killing incident at a golf tournament in New York.

Two Rensselaer police officers are now suspended pending an investigation into the death of a woodchuck.Tyler Sammon, a 3-year member of the force, and Matt Spath are accused of chasing down the woodchuck and then running it over in a golf cart. Spath was a passenger in the golf cart at the time.

Witnesses reported seeing two individuals chase down a woodchuck in a golf cart until it could no longer run. It was then that the men allegedly ran over the animal.

The men were said to have driven over the tee boxes and through ropes surrounding the holes to get at the groundhog.

Police Chief Rick Fusco was beside himself over the situation saying, “If in fact this alleged situation happened, I will be recommending they be terminated. There is no room in any police agency for a person like this to be carrying a badge and a gun.”

The woodchuck was killed during a Rensselaer police union event at the Frear Park golf course. While it is not illegal to kill a woodchuck in NY, Troy city law bans killing animals in a park.



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Cops Allegedly Run Down Woodchuck with Golf Cart, Face Firing