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This Cop Handles an Open Carry Gun Check Like a Boss [VIDEO]


This police officer knows his stuff when it comes to open carry laws.

After receiving a call from a concerned citizen, Officer Mike Nork of Klamath Falls, Oregon rolls up to check on a report of a person armed with what appeared to be an automatic firearm, specifically an MP5.

In Oregon, an individual must be properly credentialed in order to open carry an automatic weapon.

In light of other, not-so-pleasant encounters that have surfaced related to this very thing, it’s enlightening to watch a professional public safety officer do his job.

The gun’s owner records the measured and methodical encounter. Officer Nork establishes reasonable suspicion in that the gun looks similar to an MP5, then indicates that the individual is being detained until he can verify otherwise. Once he determines it is a semi-auto .22, he promptly returns the firearm to its owner and indicates the individual is no longer detained.

Once the gun is back in the owner’s possession, Officer Nork thanks the citizen for exercising his Second Amendment right. As a cherry on top, he invites him to join the police reserve program which would allow the individual to be issued an automatic weapon. This is a model encounter for law enforcement engaging with citizens exercising their right to bear arms.

Want to see an example of how not to exercise your Second Amendment rights? Here’s one.

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This Cop Handles an Open Carry Gun Check Like a Boss [VIDEO]