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Coonhound and Raccoon Refuse to be Enemies [VIDEO]

Fans of the classic movie “The Fox and the Hound” might like this clip of a coonhound and raccoon choosing to be friends instead of foes.

In this video, Rock, a coonhound, is usually hunting raccoons, but instead plays with one named Ringo.

According to video poster kimberlyb3499, Ringo was discovered alone as a young kit and taken in to be raised as a household pet. He’s now part of the family, wrestling with Rock as if he were another puppy.

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As fun as this is to watch, I’ll be a buzz-kill and say you shouldn’t expect to find an abandoned raccoon yourself and give your pet a new playmate. Experts agree that raccoons usually make for terrible pets and can often pose a danger to dogs via transferable worms and diseases. Handing the animal over to wildlife rescue or animal control will usually be a lot better for the raccoon and you, and leave your coonhound a little less morally conflicted when it’s time to go hunting.

All the same, these two look like they’re off to a great start, so they might very well have the kind of friendship worthy of a Disney film after all.

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Coonhound and Raccoon Refuse to be Enemies [VIDEO]