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Here Are 3 Great Coon Hunting Hounds

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What do you need to acquire the perfect hound for your hunt, here are a few of the world's top scent hounds to improve your game.

Raccoon hunting is one of the more popular sports among hunters near and far. The thrill of the chase, the dark environment and US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrecthe challenges that are to be overcome are only a few of the things coon hunters encounter on a daily basis.

The materials needed to be a successful raccoon hunter all go hand in hand. These things are what make the difference in how your hunt will go.

Number one on the hunter's list of necessities, of course, is the dog.

For many years, hunters have used countless breeds of dogs for raccoon hunting. Here are a few of the most popular dogs amongst raccoon hunters, and also a comparison of the breeds to help find out which hound is the best for you.

Redbone Coon Hound

The Redbone Coon Hound, a sleek mild tempered hound with a slender body and a silky red coat, uses its body structure to be what many consider to be the best of the best in the world of raccoon hunting.

redboneWeighing in at 50 to 70 pounds and having a height of 20 to 27 inches, the Redbone's body composition gives it the power and speed to do its job on the trail.

They have thick pads at the bottom of their feet which helps avoid injury and keeps them in the hunt. The average lifespan of a Redbone is 11-12 years.

Daily exercise is a must; they are born and bred hunters and need a steady diet of chase and thrill to thrive happily. Redbones are excellent treeing hounds and can sometimes be trained in other areas of hunting and other species of game.

Redbones prefer a pack-based lifestyle in order to function at their peak. They are confident hunters when taught the basics at an early age and a skilled leader is in charge. It's no wonder they're so popular.

Blue Tick Hound

BluetickCoonhoundNext on this list is the Blue Tick Hound, given their name due to the blue color and dark black spots all over their back.

An excellent hunting hound, these animals can also be very versatile, such as adapting to different and unusual living habits and standards. Blue Ticks can be trained to live indoors and outdoors and still provide a service that is top of the line in hunting and tracking.

At 21 to 27 inches tall and a weight of 45 to 85 pounds, close to that of the Redbone, these hounds also have a sleek, slender body type giving them the advantage over the trailed game.

They're very good with children and adults, although they can sometimes be very excited and spastic. It is very important that this particular breed of hound be taken on several walks or jogs per day to eliminate the anxiety and stress that can build up when they are not able to run freely or express themselves.

Even though the Blue Tick Hound is a wonderful scent dog, it can have its disadvantages. They can sometimes be a little loud and obnoxious when you don't want them to be.

They have a great nose that is very good at following cold and or old tails. The Blue Tick Hound has many great attributes that make it a world class leader in the realm of scent hounds.

Treeing Walker Coon Hound

Last on this list, and certainly not least, is the Treeing Walker Coon Hound. It's a breed that comes from early English and American breeds.

treeingwalkerThe Treeing Walker has a lengthy, powerful body and the standard colors of brown, white, and black. It's a stout, loving, top notch hunter with a nose and ears to match.

These hounds come with a sense of companionship that has no rival. It doesn't having such a cold nose as many other hounds, but will give the hunter the advantage in hot competitions or even in just a regular night of hunting.

With a calm temperament when not on the trail, these hounds can be trained in many different aspects of hunting and everyday life. With a weight of 40 to 65 pounds, this hound has a great body structure for a good chase.

Like the other hounds mentioned, the Walker also requires a lot of exercise and long walks periodically. Going to bed uneasy or with energy left is not ideal for the Treeing Walker.

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All the hounds in this article have their own special attributes, making them all ideal for coon hunting. What is your go-to hunting hound?


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