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Is This the Coolest Speed Loader Yet? [VIDEO]

Save your fingers and time with this speed loader. 

If you’ve ever had a long day of shooting, you know how tiring it is to burn through a lot of rounds. This nifty speed loader will remedy sore finger syndrome.

This speed loader is made specifically for B&T MP9 and HK Mp5 rounds. Although those rounds might not be the most common, the concept of this product is pretty awesome.

Loading magazines with this bad boy is as simple as it can get. Run the loader along the top of five rounds, and then push them into the clip with a the edge of the table or with your thumb.

Spend less time loading your magazine and more time shooting. Now that’s something I can get behind.

Hopefully in the near future they will make a similar speed loader for more common rounds.

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Is This the Coolest Speed Loader Yet? [VIDEO]