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The ‘Coolest Cooler’ Is the Most Awesome Cooler Ever Made [VIDEO]

The Coolest Cooler is unlike any cooler you’ve ever seen.

Coolers typically serve only one function: to keep things cold. But what if they could also serve as a portable party box?

That’s the question inventor Ryan Grepper had in mind when he invented the Coolest Cooler. This unique cooler has a built-in speaker system, blender, kitchenware, and so much more.

Grepper has already raised more than $2 million in crowd-sourced funding on Kickstarter to bring the Coolest Cooler to market.

See what it can do in the pictures below.

The Coolest Cooler’s best feature is an 18-volt rechargeable drink blender.


This unique cooler has a removable speaker system that’s bluetooth compatible. Note the built-in bottle opener next to the speaker.



The cooler has a USB adapter that can charge electronic devices via the blender’s 18-volt battery.


The Coolest Cooler is an all-in-one picnic package. It has a fold-out cutting board, with picnic plates and a ceramic cutting knife.


LED lights inside the cooler will help you find what your looking for in the dark.


The cooler can be separated into two sections like a refrigerator, so you can keep ice on one side and cold, dry items on the other.

It’s easy to transport, too. The cooler has wide and rugged wheels and tie-down straps to carry extra gear.


Do you want one? For a $180 pledge, you can be one of the first people to own a Coolest Cooler. For more info, visit the kickstarted page.

You can see more of the Coolest Cooler in the video below.

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The ‘Coolest Cooler’ Is the Most Awesome Cooler Ever Made [VIDEO]