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Cooking and Eating Elk Heart, a Delicacy

The heart from an elk might not be your first choice for supper, but it might be if you tried it.

There is not much on an elk, or any other big game animal, that cannot be consumed. This includes vital organs like the liver, kidneys, heart, and even the tongue.

Whether you eat these parts of an elk is up to you, but some hunters would prefer fried heart over just about any other piece of meat.

Do not cringe at the thought of eating the heart if you have not tried it. Use the tactics in this video, and then see what you think for yourself.

Is your mouth watering yet? With just a little preparation, and a few simple ingredients you will be on your way to a delicious meal. It might even become a tradition in your hunting camp.

In this video, the heart was fried. Try it this way, but there are many great ways to prepare elk, deer, antelope, and moose heart that are just as easy and good.

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Cooking and Eating Elk Heart, a Delicacy