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How To Cook Venison Testicles [VIDEO]

Learn how to cook venison testicles from someone who knows their stuff.

If you know Steven Rinella, you know he might be the best hunting ambassador to the non-hunting society we have in the outdoors community. His show on the Sportsman Channel, MeatEater, might be one of the best hunting shows that the outdoor cable market can put on television.

With all that being said, this Steven Rinella - MeatEater web exclusive video showing his technique on cooking venison testicles might be where I have to draw the line.

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At one point in this video, Rinella goes so far as to say in regards to the texture of a venison testicle, "it is also not unlike octopus."

Well, let me allow the following octopus to illustrate how I feel about this situation.


Will venison testicles be on your menu this year at your house? I think I'll pass.

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How To Cook Venison Testicles [VIDEO]