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Cook with the Sunshine: Introducing the Solar Cooker [VIDEO]

solar cooker cooks food anywhere the sun shines

The Sol-Man Solar Cooker uses the sun’s rays to cook food.

This kickstarter campaign is something to talk about. The thought of never having to make a fire of any kind to cook food while out camping or hunting is really exciting. Dave Thompson came up with a way to capture the sun’s rays and focus them in one location in order to cook food or boil water anywhere – and he made it portable!

The Sol-Man Solar Cooker is extremely healthy since nothing has to burn in order to cook your food. You don’t have to worry about the chemicals your food or water might be acquiring through the cooking process.

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As if they weren’t doing everything right already, they are giving one to a family in need for every one that is purchased. By getting one for yourself, you’re also giving one to a family who doesn’t have the ability to make fire easily in Haiti, Mexico, and U.S. Native American reservations.

If you’d like to support this campaign, check out the variety of reward levels for backers. You can donate anywhere from $5 to $349 or more with different rewards for each level.

This solar cooker is a win-win in every way.

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Cook with the Sunshine: Introducing the Solar Cooker [VIDEO]