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How to Cook the Perfect Wild Game Steak with Casey Lavere

Let Steve Lavere of Hushin Hunt and Fish show his tips on how to cook the perfect wild game steak, and it does not involve a barbeque.

Here are some insider tips from the Hushin Hunt and Fish crew on how to get that wild game meat just right, the big secret is using an old-fashioned iron skillet, but there is definitely more that may surprise you.

Casey starts with an elk backstrap from his elk hunt, which is known to be one of the best cuts of wild game on any big game animal, so that no doubt helps. The other tips are also great, such as don't overcook the meat and go easy on the marinade. Probably the top one is to cook the steak on an iron skillet and quickly sear both sides. This traps the juices and flavor, and keeps the meat from drying out. Following these tips really can enable you to cook the perfect wild game steak.

My family got a quality set of iron skillets four years ago and I use it for a lot of wild game meat, particularly duck, so it is a good investment that gets tons of use in my house.

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How to Cook the Perfect Wild Game Steak with Casey Lavere