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Cook Duck Yakitori on the Grill [VIDEO]

duck yakitori

How to make quick and easy duck yakitori on the grill.

This simple, but delicious duck yakitori recipe is a great way finish off a successful duck hunt.

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Begin by slicing the breast into three parts. Alternate green onion and duck breast on the skewer. Pour a bit of oil over them and place them on the grill.

Next, take the whole duck that has been plucked, but not skinned. Cover the duck in oil and place on grill.

Continuously baste both parts with yakitori sauce. This sauce is made with soy, honey, fresh garlic, and Japanese rice wine. Once the duck is thoroughly cooked, accompany it with some green onion, pickled radish, and more yakitori sauce.

Douzo tabete kudasai! That means, enjoy your meal in Japanese…

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Cook Duck Yakitori on the Grill [VIDEO]