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Is This Convincing Montana Wolverine Photo Real?

Image provided to via Dave Chinadle

Montana wolverine sightings are extremely rare, to say the least. 

To have a wolverine sighting in the lower 48 states is pretty rare. As a matter of fact, there is multi-state study taking place very soon to find out exactly how many wolverines there really are in the continental US. Therefore, when a picture all of sudden emerged of a Montana wolverine, many were skeptical. However, the picture looks pretty authentic.

Dave Chinadle was driving by a field when he looked out and saw something he had never seen before. After some quick thinking he grabbed his cell phone and took some pictures.

"I thought that was kind of weird, so I got out my field glasses and realized, that's no dog," Chinadle said in an interview. "It bounced away just a little bit and I got a heck of a profile. There's no doubt it was a wolverine."

After handing the photos over to Fish and Wildlife officials, even though they couldn't give concrete support that the pictures did in fact show a real Montana wolverine, they did indicate that there is little evidence to contradict it.

So what do you think? If it looks like duck, I guess...


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Is This Convincing Montana Wolverine Photo Real?