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Controversy Swirls Around One of the Largest Zimbabwe Elephants Ever Hunted [PICS]

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Despite the growing outrage, the man in question took one of the largest Zimbabwe elephants in recent history, and did it legally.  

It seems the world is just now starting to forget about Cecil the lion. Rage and public outcries swirled around the globe when a hunter shot a lion in a guided hunt in Zimbabwe. Recently, all charges have been dropped against that hunter because it turned out it was 100% legal.

Now, one of the largest Zimbabwe elephants in history has been shot by a hunter, and it looks like we are in for round two.


A huge Zimbabwe elephant, estimated to be between 30 and 50 years old, with tusks weighing 120 pounds alone, was shot by a hunter from Germany who reportedly paid $60,000 for the opportunity.

This German hunter, who so far has not been named, was hunting with a guide, who so far has also remained anonymous, in a private hunting zone near Zimbabwe’s southern Gonarezhou National Park.

The $60,000 that was paid to the African hunting outfit was designed to give this hunter a chance at the African Big 5, which includes harvesting an elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo, and a rhino.

Many are already speaking out that elephants as large as this one should be protected as part of Zimbabwe heritage.


“We have no control over poaching but we do have control over hunting policy that should acknowledge that animals such as this one are of far more value alive (to both hunters and non-hunters) than dead,” said Anthony Kaschula, who owns a photographic safari firm. “In this case, we have collectively failed to ensure that legislation is not in place to help safeguard such magnificent animals.”

However, the guide who helped this German hunter take down this elephant has something else to say.

“We hunters have thick skins and we know what the greenies will say,” said the unnamed guide. “This elephant was probably 60 years old and had spread its seed many many times over.”

As per standard practice in the region, the hunting outfit had already paid half of the fees of the trip back to the local tribes in the area and are also well within their quotas, added the guide.


In my opinion, it was a big elephant and probably near the end of its life. The money spent to take it will ultimately go back to help more elephants in the region, as well as helping to stop poaching.

If all these people that are so upset over this would put this much effort into stopping poaching instead of attacking a legal hunter, maybe there could be some positive change.

I would venture a very large bet that the half of the fees of this hunt ($30,000), already donated back to elephant conservation and the local tribes directly in Zimbabwe, is 99.5% more than 99.9% of the people attacking this guy.

Don’t let the antis know I said that.

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Controversy Swirls Around One of the Largest Zimbabwe Elephants Ever Hunted [PICS]