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Controversy Surrounds Photos of Insanely Huge Tiger Shark [PICS]

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With sharks attacks more and more common in Australian waters, some are asking for a cull. 

Australian Facebook has been blowing up lately with photos of a huge tiger shark. The actual facts behind how the tiger shark was actually caught are still being collected but regardless, this 18 footer is a monster.

Surprisingly, some are happy to see it dead. Many are feeling a sanctioned shark cull may soon be necessary.

Some reports of this monster shark came from a man named Geoff Brooks after he posted these photos online. He claimed the shark was caught off of 7 Mile Beach close to Lennox Head, which is located on the northern New South Wales coast, by a commercial fisherman.


However, the Northern Star stated that an anonymous fisherman (known only as Matthew) actually caught the fish several weeks prior and photos started circulating after he shared them on social media trying to figure out what kind of shark it was.

This mystery fisherman says he then disposed of it by selling it to a fish market, but not before cutting out its jaws as a souvenir.

Yet still other reports say the huge tiger shark was caught in a fishing net and given to CSIRO, a scientific and industrial research organization. However, they deny ever seeing it, but did confirm that the shark in the photos is a tiger.

No matter how the shark was caught, this is where the plot thickens. Some worry that these pictures may spark anti-shark groups to be out in force looking to kill others. Recent attacks in the area have created louder and louder cries for a shark cull around Australian waters in efforts to cut down on shark attacks.

Despite scientific evidence that sharks do not target humans as prey, and cull efforts in the past that have been simply short term efforts, locals are still demanding some kind of action.

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Controversy Surrounds Photos of Insanely Huge Tiger Shark [PICS]