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Controversial Video of Michigan Coyote Killing Raises Ethical Questions [VIDEO]

A video of a brutal coyote killing in Michigan’s Gogebic County raises ethical concerns.

The video opens with a hunter looking at a wounded coyote, which he says he’s shot several times. As the hunter calls in his tracking dogs to finish the job, the coyote lays motionless in the snow with its eyes blinking.

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful coyote,” the hunter says, as he’s waits for his dogs to come. “This is going to be some live action!”

The dogs tear at the coyote and eventually strangle it to death. All the while, the hunter behind the camera cheers them on.

According to, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources investigated the case and has turned it over to the Gogebic County prosecutor to determine if charges will be filed.

The issue at stake is whether or not this is a case of animal fighting and abuse. Hound hunting is legal in Michigan.

More importantly, this video surfaced as Michigan is deciding what to do with a controversial public wolf hunt in the state’s Upper Peninsula.

To learn more about how this video could impact the wolf hunt, I encourage you to read the article that was the source for this post.

What do you think about this video? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Controversial Video of Michigan Coyote Killing Raises Ethical Questions [VIDEO]