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Become a Root: Be Buried in a Pod Under a Tree [PICS]

Asian Town

When you die, you can be cremated or buried. Maybe someday soon, you can become a tree. 

It’s a fact of life that one day we are all going to die. Right now, you can be buried or cremated for your final resting place. However, if a few designers out of Italy have anything to do it with it, the option of being buried in a biodegradable pod beneath a tree might soon be a possibility. More or less, you will be able to become a tree.

Just imagine the future if this idea catches on. Instead of cemeteries and graveyards, forests will be planted in memory of loves ones and all the great outdoorsmen passed on. Not only is it great for the environment, but in my opinion, creates a more meaningful monument for a loved one.

IFL Science

These burial pods are just an idea for today but the concept is fairly simple. The deceased will be placed inside pods in the fetal position and a tree will then be planted above them. For hundreds of years, their tree will remain providing shelter and life for everything around it.

When I die, this is the way I would like to go. My only hope is a hunter would be able to hang a treestand on me so I could be there with him when he takes down a giant buck.

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Become a Root: Be Buried in a Pod Under a Tree [PICS]