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Ohio Park Says Controlled Deer Hunt Working

A park in Ohio has reported success with its second annual public controlled deer hunt.

The controlled deer hunt takes place in the Edison Woods MetroPark near Sandusky, Ohio. Erie MetroParks organizes the hunt.

“The deer are overpopulated for that area, and this was a request from the people of the county to be able to hunt on MetroPark land,” said Amy Bowman-Moore, Erie MetroParks executive director.

Read more about controlled hunting as a method of pest control.

The controlled hunt is open for two days during the Ohio’s deer hunting season.

Applicants pay $5 to enter into a lottery system for a chance to participate in the hunt.

District officials estimate there are 116 deer per square mile in the Edison Woods MetroPark area.

Hunters have killed approximately 30 deer in the park since the controlled deer hunt was launched in 2012.

This year, hunters killed 18 deer. Edison Woods MetroParks raised $1,895 through the application process.

Deer herds are continuing to be a problem across many states, with some resorting to extending hunting seasons with new January dates.

Many suburban areas have seen especially large populations lead to issues such as car and deer collisions. Special suburban hunting areas have been distinguished in certain states, bringing hunting closer to civilization than it has been before. Be sure to take precautions before hunting anywhere, but especially in suburban areas, and consult local state hunting guidelines to confirm your rights.

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Ohio Park Says Controlled Deer Hunt Working