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Contra Costa Construction Patriarch Sues Nebraskan Ranch


Albert Seeno Jr patriarch of Contra Costa Construction sues White Elk Ranch over proposed bighorn sheep hunt. 

Albert Seeno Jr. patriarch of Contra Costa Construction is suing Ted Puckett of Wild Elk Ranch over a proposed bighorn sheep hunt that was to take place this fall.

The deal was signed in October 2012 stating Seeno was to hunt three bighorn sheep in the rugged canyons of southwest Nebraska for $60,000 and he would get to keep their horns and hides.

A week after Seeno signed the contract he sent it back, along with a $10,000 deposit, to Puckett with an addendum which stated Seeno would not have to pay for sheep if they didn’t have impressive racks. Puckett ignored the alteration because he knew bighorn sheep frequently butt heads.

In December 2013 Puckett contacted Seeno about a late second deposit and heard back from Seeno’s executive assistant Sherri Holt. She requested to see updated photos of the bighorn sheep in question to ensure the quality was acceptable. Puckett still didn’t receive a check by March 25, and wrote to the Contra Construction patriarch canceling the deal.

Along with the return of his first deposit, Puckett wrote in the letter, “You must not have liked the size of the rams. They are on the young size for a trophy. I hope we can hunt together again sometime in the future.”

Holt responded by email, writing, “Mr. Seeno saw the refund check on my desk.” Holt then wrote in a email to Puckett.

He is not happy. He said we have a contract, and we sent you the deposit, those sheep belong to him … Tad, Mr. Seeno does not like game playing. Let’s get this cleared up!

Then On April 2, Jeanne Pavao, Seeno’s in-house attorney, wrote to Puckett telling him he had violated the contract.

Pavao retuned the deposit to Puckett and wrote, “Mr. Seeno rejects your attempted termination of the Hunt Agreement and intends to fully enforce your obligation to provide the three animals to him for the fall 2014 hunt. We can only surmise that you are attempting to get a better deal by selling them to someone else.”

On April 25 Seeno sued Pucket for $75,000.

A well-known family in the East Bay, the Seenos are prominent hunters and Puckett has provided them with hunting opportunities for years. Puckett has had trouble with rebound checks and late payments on more than a couple of occasions.

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Contra Costa Construction Patriarch Sues Nebraskan Ranch