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Construction Begins on Chris Kyle Memorial Moves in Odessa, Texas [PICS]

Chris Kyle
All photos courtesy of Odessa Chamber of Commerce

Memorial to Chris Kyle and other fallen Navy SEALS to begin construction in Odessa, Texas. 

A 2,800-square-foot memorial from granite and limestone to honor Chris Kyle and his fellow fallen SEALS will be built in Odessa, Texas. The Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza will be erected next to the Veteran's Clinic on the same property as the Medical Center Hospital.

While the monument will be centered around Chris Kyle it will actually be made up of three plazas. A statue of Chris (pictured below) will be flanked by two memorials to his unmentioned team members and other SEALS who sacrificed themselves for our country.

Chris Kyle

The limestone-paved walkways will be cut from a limestone quarry in Kyle's hometown of Odessa. The paving will then be inlaid with three tridents, which is one of the SEALS symbols, to represent Chris and his other two fallen brothers in arms that served in SEAL Team 3 with him.

The entire plaza will be surrounded with low-cut, polished black granite that will double as seating. They will be slightly angled allowing visitors to see engravings of Chris's medals, tours of duty, and other accomplishments.

Live oaks from George W. Bush's ranch have been selected to be planted around the memorial to provide shade for visitors. Both the Texas and American flags will be flown over the memorial that will be set to automatically raise and lower at sunrise and sunset.

The memorial is being built to not only honor Chris and other fallen SEALS, but to help people understand the actions of the SEAL community and honor the entire military community.

All photos courtesy of Odessa Chamber of Commerce.

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Construction Begins on Chris Kyle Memorial Moves in Odessa, Texas [PICS]