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Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced in Colorado Legislature

colorado Constitutional Carry

Colorado State Senator Vicki Marble recently introduced a Constitutional Carry bill in the Colorado Legislature. 

Senate Bill 15-032 would legalize Constitutional Carry for all citizens of Colorado. Essentially Constitutional Carry is allowing all citizens who can legally possess a handgun under existing state and federal law to carry a concealed handgun without a permit.

This law would not change the structure of any existing concealed carry legislation in Colorado, other than not requiring a permit to carry a concealed handgun. The state would continue to issue concealed handgun permits to those who desire them, but a license would no longer be required to carry concealed.

The proposed Constitutional Carry law would give Colorado citizens the same rights as current holders of concealed handgun permits, but would also make them subject to the same limitations that apply to a concealed handgun licensee holders.

For instance, it would still be illegal to carry a concealed handgun onto the grounds of a school if Senate Bill 15-032 were passed.

Though Colorado recently passed a number of gun control laws that were quite unpopular in the gun rights community, as the state still has a strong gun culture. For instance, under current Colorado law, it is already legal to openly carry a handgun (with certain exceptions), so Senate Bill 15-032 only applies to carrying a concealed handgun.

If this legislation is enacted into law, Colorado would join Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont, and Wyoming as the only states to have implemented Constitutional Carry laws.

Bills that would legalize Constitutional Carry in Colorado have been introduced several times over the past few years. However, there is a renewed focus on passing a Constitutional Carry law in Colorado now that Republicans control the state senate.

On Feb. 2, 2015, Senate Bill 15-032 was voted on and passed by a margin of 3-2 in the Senate Committee on Judiciary. Stay tuned for more updates on the possibility of Constitutional Carry in the future in Colorado.

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Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced in Colorado Legislature