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Have You Considered Crayons for Home Defense? [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you shot crayons into ballistic gel? Watch the video to find out!

Many of you are familiar with YouTube channel GY6 from the “Custom Shotgun Shells vs Ballistic Gel” series that never fail to entertain.

Though the most recent use of Crayons may not be quite what you were thinking when you went to purchase back-to-school supplies, it is definitely an interesting one.

Andrew with GY6vids loads up a Remington 870 and puts these crayons to the ultimate test.

So, would you ever consider using Crayons for home defense?

It may not be the best round of choice for home defense, but by the looks of it they could still do some damage. At the very least, it would be fun to make your ballistic gel a colorful new masterpiece.

You could also consider purchasing the scented ones for extra flare. Honestly, who wouldn’t love for their ballistic gel to smell like roses?

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Have You Considered Crayons for Home Defense? [VIDEO]