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Ammo To Consider: Lehigh Extreme Penetrator for Personal Carry

This solid bullet boasts outrageous penetration in a perfect projectile pattern. 

The Lehigh Extreme Penetrator bullet, released in 2014, is a solid piece of copper. A CNC machine is used to create the perfect projectile.

The patented design allows for creating a large wound cavity combined with structural rigidity. Upon shooting, the bullet will not fall apart and maintains all of its weight.

Some shooters are concerned about the possibility of over-penetrating their targets and possibly impacting on object or item that is beyond the danger zone. It’s important to remember that over-penetration is possible with any round, and as a shooter, you should know your target and its background.

The Lehigh Extreme Penetrator is a solid round that will penetrate between 18-22 inches of relative muscle tissue, not including bone or other objects that could cause a barrier. Shooters should use this ammo where surrounding foot traffic will be minimal to decrease the possibility of grossly over-penetrating, and causing an unrelated party to get hurt.

Can this ammunition be utilized in an urban environment? Absolutely.

If shooters are well aware of their surroundings and are confident that their risk of over-penetration is minimal then they could definitely carry this brand.

One important point of evaluation is how much penetration is needed? As with the weapons we choose, the variety of ammo choices we have is just as expansive. Some days you might want to carry some Hornady Critical Defense. Other days you might be in the backwoods hog hunting, carrying some Double Tap Hard Cast Lead rounds. You should assess your ammo as your needs vary.

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Ammo To Consider: Lehigh Extreme Penetrator for Personal Carry