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Conservation of Texas Urban Lakes

Help Texas Parks and Wildlife and Austin Fly Fishers improve lakes in urban areas.

Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) and Austin Fly Fishers (AFF) have been working to improve the fish habitat in Brushy Creek Reservoir. The reservoir is located in Cedar Park and exists to provide fun and high-quality fishing opportunities for those who live in the urban area.

TPWD and AFF were joined by 22 volunteers to plant over 140 colonizing plants to serve as a more diverse habitat for the fish.

The Inland Fisheries department in TPWD strives to maintain the relevance of fishing amidst growing urban populations. The last thing we want is for fishing to be forgotten by those who live in big cities with little or no access to what’s considered “prime” fishing spots. It makes things easier when the reservoir is in the backyards of hundreds of families.

AFF is working hard to improve lakes around Austin, including Lake Kyle, located in the City of Kyle. They are a dedicated group committed to enhancing and maintaining the quality of lakes and fisheries for future Texans.

In the news release on the TPWD website, AFF President Jim Gray said “Part of the Austin Fly Fishers’ mission is conservation through projects that benefit our members and the community. Our partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife allows us to have an even greater impact by combining our resources on projects where the benefits are significant and long lasting. We see our efforts with the Brushy Creek Reservoir plantings and the improvements at Kyle Lake as examples of good stewardship that can be replicated on other water bodies.”

More people must see the merit in these projects and team up with TPWD and AFF to conserve the sport of fishing in Texas lakes and rivers. It is up to those who love fishing to keep it available to everyone, especially those who live in urban areas.

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AFF is working toward a membership of Friends of Reservoirs, a group that works to enhance and preserve waters across America.

Visit the Friends of Reservoirs site to learn more about how to help out with these projects, and contact the TPWD fishery department for questions about how to get involved.

What are your thoughts on urban lakes? How important is it to give fishing access to urban communities?

What do you think about urban lakes?

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Conservation of Texas Urban Lakes