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Connecticut Trout Season Opens Over the Weekend

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Cabin fever is finally giving way to spring. If you live in or around Connecticut, it's time to dust off the fishing rods.

Snow is melting in the west and turkey seasons are in full swing across the country. If you live in Connecticut or the surrounding area, you have another reason to rejoice after this weekend. Trout season opened on Saturday and there should be plenty of fish in the sea next to you.

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"Stocking well over three hundred and fifty thousand fish prior to opening day is always monumental task, we continue to increase efficiencies in our stocking program and the winter weather was relatively benign this year, which allowed us to get an early jump-start on stocking," said Pete Aarrestad, director of the state's Inland Fisheries Division.

Trout found in the state include brook, rainbow, brown and the awesome tiger trout. There are special trout waters which have a higher number of bigger fish stocked every year.

Also, if you're looking for a great family experience, the state maintains trout parks which provide an easier experience for youth and even allow the public to participate with stocking.

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A quick look at the record book shows some impressive numbers including a 9-pound, 3-ounce brook trout, a 19-pound brown caught in 2014 and a 14-pound, 10-ounce rainbow from Mansfield Hollow Reservoir. Those are giant trout no matter where you fish.

If you live in the east, now is the time to chase your trophy and if you don't, well it may be time to plan a trip to Connecticut.


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Connecticut Trout Season Opens Over the Weekend