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Connecticut Restaurant Owner Caught Carrying Road Kill Inside


A woman driving down the highway notices people loading a road killed whitetail into the trunk and follows them.

We all have our favorite food delivery service. Sometimes it's simply easier to pick up the phone and have your meal delivered. You can sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite hunting show on the Outdoor channel while having some great take-out. But what if one day you saw the owner of your particular restaurant loading a dead whitetail into the trunk of his Chevy? The same Chevy that delivered food to your door. Well that's exactly what happened to a woman in Connecticut.

The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, noticed something strange while she was driving through her home town on a Sunday. What she saw were people on the side of the road - loading road kill into the trunk of their car.  The car looked so familiar to her that she followed it and when it pulled into the parking lot of China Fun, she was horrified.

"I just couldn't believe what I was seeing, they were backed up to the restaurant door with that dead deer in that car they use for delivery."

The woman called the authorities and the health department inspected the premises shortly, confirming her fears.

"We went there and found, indeed, they had slaughtered a deer, or were cutting up a dead deer in the back of the parking lot and had already brought parts inside, into the sink," said County Health Director William Pilkington.

The man, identified as Sunny Chen and owner of China Fun restaurant, said that he only wanted to try deer for the first time and that he never planned on serving it to his customers.

"I asked somebody if I could eat deer from the side of the road. He said OK, but maybe it's not OK to bring it to the restaurant, so that's my mistake." said Sunny.

As hunters, we love our game meat. It's the most important part of the hunt and we work hard to make sure the meat is taken care of and well prepared. The fact that we know exactly where our game meat comes from gives us the comfort and satisfaction that we will enjoy clean and natural protein. And even though a little venison stir fry sounds pretty good to me, I think I'd want to know if it was laying on the interstate just a few hours earlier.


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Connecticut Restaurant Owner Caught Carrying Road Kill Inside