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Connecticut Man Sentenced to 17 Years for Stealing Over 100 S&W Firearms


A man in Connecticut was sentenced to 17 years after stealing 111 firearms directly from Smith & Wesson Factory.

Elliot Perez was sentenced to 17 years in Federal prison Tuesday after pleading guilty to the conspiracy to possess and sell stolen firearms.

In 2012, Perez stole 111 firearms from the Smith & Wesson factory in Springfield while working for Pace Motor Lines. He was to pick up and deliver five packages of guns to an unnamed distribution center. During the pickup he stashed three extra boxes of firearms in his truck which he later dropped at his home in Bridgeport on the way to make the original delivery.

Partnering with another man, Michael Murphy, they later began to sell the stolen guns. The weapons they sold have been used in criminal activity from the Bridgeport homicide to crimes as far away as North Carolina.

“This defendant not only stole more than 100 firearms, but he quickly sold dozens of them on the street putting them directly into the hands of criminals,” U.S. Attorney Deidre Daly said in a statement to the ATF.

“As more than 50 of these guns are still at large, there is no telling how many additional acts of violence will stem from this offense.”

Perez has currently been awaiting his sentencing on supervised leave for the last three years.

He also pleaded guilty to Federal firearm charges in 2013 on a separate case. He is expected to be sentenced for the additional charge later this week.

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Connecticut Man Sentenced to 17 Years for Stealing Over 100 S&W Firearms