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Conga Line, Africa Style: Lion Biting a Hippo Biting a Land Rover

Conga Line Africa Style: A Lion Biting A Hippo Biting A Land Rover

You never know what you'll run across out in the African bush. These people probably didn't expect to see a lion biting a hippo biting a Land Rover. 

Seeing a pride of lions attacking a full-grown hippo is a rare sight indeed, even in the legendary Kruger Park. Hippo are large, tough, mean, and used to getting their way, which makes them a difficult target even for an entire lion pride. For that reason, capturing video of a hippo biting a Land Rover while a lion attacks it from behind is a truly once in a lifetime event.

Watch the video to see how the that Land Rover got caught in the middle of the battle between the hippo and the lions.

The story does not end well for the hippo. While it put up a heck of a fight, the lions wore it down, eventually killing and eating it. That's how it goes, though: life in the wild is brutal and often short.

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Conga Line, Africa Style: Lion Biting a Hippo Biting a Land Rover