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Confirmed Berry Extract Contains Cure for Many Types of Cancer

This rare berry extract is now being used to defeat certain cancers in less than seven days.

The berry extract from the Blushwood tree has been found to be a confirmed cure for solid cancer tumors in many pre-clinical trials. Unfortunately the tree only grows exclusively in one place, north Queensland.

The EBC-46 molecule has succeed in destroying tumors and cancer in pets and is now open for human trials.

The original study that was led by Dr. Glen Boyle found that just a single injection of the EBC-46 molecule led to an unbelievably fast breakdown of tumors.

‘We were able to achieve very strong results injecting EBC-46 directly into melanoma models, as well as cancers of the head, neck and colon,’ said Dr Boyle.The video below contains the official report from Channel 7 News in Perth, Australia.

Some extremely effective trials using the berry extract have been able to eradicate certain cancers in less than seven days.

Denise Powell joined the trial due to a tumor in her armpit. The tumor was getting progressively worse until she received the EBC-46 injection.

“In less than 20 minutes the tumour had gone purple then black,” Denise said.

She said that after a few days the tumor actually shriveled up and died. Doctors say that when the EBC-46 molecule is injected, it starts a chain reaction in the immune system that activates white blood cells to attack the tumor and literally shrink it to nothing.

QBiotics, the organization in charge of conducting the trial, said that the types of tumors that have been successfully treat in animals thus far are mast cell tumors, melanomas, squamous cell carcinomas, adenocarcinomas, soft tissue sarcomas, myxosarcomas, nasosinal facial ulcerations and equine sarcoids.

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Confirmed Berry Extract Contains Cure for Many Types of Cancer