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CONFIRMED: Baby Otters are Incredibly Adorable Creatures

baby otters

Watch as these baby otters follow their keeper before getting fed, when they squeal like little pigs!

These two baby otters are just as adorable as can be. Their keeper releases them from their pen and they follow him--kind of--as he goes to fill up a dish with food for them. I say 'kind of' because they can't help but do a little exploring of some other pens, squeaking and chirping the whole time.

I believe the man in the video is Frank Cuesta, and I think he runs an animal rescue shelter. He says in the comments, "These two otters were rescued from the animal traffickers. At the moment and for three months, they will stay at the rescue center. Then we will release them in the wild."

He also indicates that over the last fifteen years, the shelter has released over 6,000 animals back into the wild.

That is fantastic work. But it would be very hard to say goodbye to these two little darlings.

If this wasn't enough for you, here are a few other videos of adorable baby animals:

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CONFIRMED: Baby Otters are Incredibly Adorable Creatures