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Concrete Culvert Produces Huge Bass for Bank Fisherman


This guy pulls a hog of a bass out an unlikely place: a culvert!

A concrete culvert may not immediately spring to mind as the best cover for a mammoth bass, but this video may change your mind on that. Watch as the waters explode when this guy hooks into a monster bass in an unremarkable looking pond and culvert!

If you aren’t excited for bass season after watching that, you aren’t a fisherman!

Man, who would have thought a bass like that would be hanging out in a strange spot like that? From what’s visible in the background, it looks like he pulled this fish out of a pond in a very urban setting.

This is definitely not the typical place one would look for a huge, pot-bellied fish like that, but that culvert may have been one of the only pieces of structure for that fish to relate to there.

It just goes to show that even the most unsuspecting-looking waters might be holding a hidden monster fish. You just have to be willing to go and look.



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Concrete Culvert Produces Huge Bass for Bank Fisherman