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Concealed Carry Restrictions Now in Effect in Most Virginia State Offices

A recent executive order by Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) banning concealed carry in most state offices has gone into effect.

An emergency regulation banning concealed carry in the majority of Virginia state government offices went into effect last Thursday. This regulation is a result of an executive order Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) signed on Oct. 15.

It immediately bans openly carried guns in executive offices in Richmond but doesn’t directly ban concealed firearms. This is the first time McAuliffe succeeded in imposing some form of gun control legislation since being elected to office in November 2013.

Shortly after this emergency order went into effect, state government employees received an email of the expected signage to be posted at state offices alerting visitors that firearms are strictly prohibited inside.

The new gun ban has apparent exemptions for members of law enforcement, security, and military personnel. Current Virginia law limits regulations to 18 months, so the ban will expire in June 2017.

Prior to this executive order, McAuliffe and Richmond Democrats suffered huge losses in the 2015 state legislature elections after anti-gun candidates were handily defeated at the ballot box. Pro-gun politicians maintained their majority in both chambers of the General Assembly.

After being sworn in as governor of Virginia, McAuliffe pushed several gun control measures that immediately died in the General Assembly. Bills proposed during the 2013 session of the General Assembly that would have imposed more background checks on the private sale or transactions of firearms died in the House of Delagates in January 2014.

In December 2014, McAuliffe tried to reinstate a regulation on gun sales to limit firearms purchases to one handgun per month. His efforts died in the Senate in January.

McAuliffe isn’t shy about his desire to disarm Virginians under the guise of “gun safety,” although he doesn’t mind having armed body guards for himself.


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Concealed Carry Restrictions Now in Effect in Most Virginia State Offices