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Concealed Carry Permits on the Rise In Orange County

In the last seven months, concealed carry permit applications have doubled in Orange County, CA.

They say that California is the place to be, but for gun owners, sometimes it’s a nightmare. The laws in California are some of the country’s most strict and stringent in the country. Most resident could forget about getting a permit to carry, at least up until recently.

Back in February of 2014, the 9th District Court of Appeals finally decided that California’s Concealed Carry Permit laws were unconstitutional. They declared that the part of the law that required people to show “Good Cause” or, basically a great need, for a permit was too burdensome and unnecessary. Apparently Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens agreed and wants to help the people in her county be armed to protect themselves.

After the ruling came out, Hutchens decided to not make any changes to the current concealed carry process. If you apply for a permit and meet all the requirements, you get one. That is great news for the residents of Orange County, and it’s good they have someone on their side in this process.

Hutchens was quoted in the  New York Times saying:

“We’re not going to try to tell them there’s a low crime rate or it’s safe on the streets… if they feel that under the current guidelines that they need it for personal safety and they pass the background of moral character, then we are going to issue it to them.”

Since February, there has been a spike in the number of permits that Orange County officials have had to process; it has almost doubled. Hutchens has had to add 14 part time workers to help process the stack of applications that have come in. The LA Times said:

“That number will continue to rise as county officials process the stack of pending applications, which had grown to more than 2,800 by the end of August. Thousands more have requested appointments to apply for permits, officials said. In all, more than 7,000 people have filled out applications or requested appointments, sheriff’s officials said.”

Of course, not everyone is happy with the ruling or the sheriff. Some people have even said that she is putting her own officers, as well as other citizens, in harm’s way by letting everyone have guns.

As most gun owners and concealed carry permit holders know, this is just not the case. Obviously, many of the residents of Orange County feel there is a good need to be armed.

This is a great start in a state that is usually heavy handed when it comes to guns. I hope that this momentum continues and more counties will embrace this.

Do you think that more people should have a concealed carry permit? Should more counties in California follow Orange County’s lead? Tell us what you think below.


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Concealed Carry Permits on the Rise In Orange County