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Concealed Carry for the Ladies: Concealment Leggings

Who ever invented concealment leggings should be granted a Nobel Peace Prize.

Since I'm a guy, I can only vouch for the aesthetic appeal of the UnderTech Concealment Leggings. UnderTech's model Kate, does a great job of presenting how women can discretely carry a pistol without imprinting a pistol frame in their outfits.

I had the opportunity to meet Lenny (CEO of GlockStore), at SHOT 2016, and told him his company is going to send me to the poor house. I'm all about customizing my weapons, and his store offers some of the wildest customizations I have seen to date. Lenny is the equivalent of Exzhibit in Pimp My Ride- but for Pistols. If you can dream it he can do it.

The leggings can be found on the Glockstore Site. The need for concealment clothing is drastically rising as more Americans are carrying concealed and are looking for alternatives other than traditional OWB or IWB holsters flooded on the market today.

UnderTech also creates undergarments for males that can offer some deep concealment options for those that need to wear fitted shirts and slacks that are delicate and can't offer good concealment.

Remember, the most difficult part of concealed carry isn't hiding your weapon, but more so your ability to reach for that weapon when it's hidden. If you have to struggle to get to the pistol because it's buried in your pants, you've already lost your objective. UnderTech is trying to combat those accessibility issues.

Carrying everyday should never be a compromise for comfort either. If your pistol is not comfortable your not going to carry it. Likewise, if you love how your pistol looks your going to carry it more often. Have fun customizing.


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Concealed Carry for the Ladies: Concealment Leggings