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Concealed Carrier Thwarts Washington Bank Robbery

An armed robbery is disrupted by a citizen legally carrying a concealed weapon.

There is no shortage of negative news and publicity these days surrounding the second amendment and gun violence. However, amidst the steady stream of negativity there appears a slower but also equally stream of positive stories that finally make their way out to the public. Sadly, these stories don't receive the same broad-based mega news coverage as their negative counterparts, much to the dismay of gun rights advocates.

The examples provide great arguments to the benefits to an armed population. As long as those carrying concealed weapons are properly trained for intense, unexpected situations, the positive impact can be dramatic. Such is the case with this latest story. This positive news story comes to us from Spokane, Washington.

According to the Spokane Valley Police Department, an armed robber entered the Spokane Teachers Credit Union shortly before 2 PM on June 30th. The suspect cleared the main counter and demanded money from the workers nearby. During the attempted robbery, however, a nearby citizen who was legally carrying a concealed weapon drew his sidearm and engaged the suspect. The suspect soon fled the scene on foot.

The Spokane Valley Police Department is seeking help in the search for the suspect. He is described as a white male, around 5'9" tall and weighing close to 160 pounds. For further description, click here.

No other citizens, credit union staff, or police officers were injured during the event.

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Concealed Carrier Thwarts Washington Bank Robbery