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Conan O’Brien Survives Baby Jaguar Attacks [VIDEO]

Conan O’Brien takes on some serious beasts of the jungle.

These jaguars are man-eaters and Conan tames them with a baby bottle with milk.

Oh yes, Conan also meets the odd animal called a binturong.

Conan O’Brien and animal expert David Mizejewski handle some interesting animals.

First up is a pair of jaguar kittens that are bottle fed on camera. These soon-to-be deadly animals are just too cuddly as babies.

That is until you see their disposition and the growing fangs and claws. At only six months, jaguars are said to be uncontrollable and at one year, possibly fatal.

There is also the ultra-odd binturong that emits a scent that smells like popcorn. It has some serious teeth but likes fruits instead.

Conan is the king of laughs and this video is already a classic.

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Conan O’Brien Survives Baby Jaguar Attacks [VIDEO]