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How to Complete a Big Game Slam in Your State

Are you getting bored with hunting out of the same treestand year after year? Now might be the time to start planning an in-state expedition.

Most hunters are familiar with the Big Game Super Slam. Basically, it works like this: one hunter travels all over North America (over undetermined amount of years, mind you) in hopes of harvesting all 29 recognized big game species. As you can imagine this is a fairly complicated and expensive ordeal. It is unlikely that most hunters could ever complete such a feat.

Now enter in the idea, “(name your state) Big Game Slam.” For conversation sake, let’s use Tennessee as the example and call it the, “Tennessee Big Game Slam”. Tennessee holds multiple big game opportunities that a resident has access to hunt. Over the course of one calendar year, Tennessee has the following seasons: deer, bear, elk, wild hog, fall turkey, spring turkey and coyotes.


For a hunter to draw an elk tag in Tennessee, the chances are extremely low, but there is a chance and the opportunity is there. Taking all these species in a single year would be extremely challenging for most hunters, but rewarding.

For most residents in the state, it would take serious planning and an efficient use of public lands. The planning, the studying of maps, understanding new terrain: all of these factors play a role in building the overall skill level of the woodsman. Learning a new craft is not only exciting, but is a confidence builder and an adventure.

Most hunters look outside state lines for new adventure and species, but cannot always afford to do so. This new challenge gives the hunter an adventure that is more affordable and realistic every year. Also, this builds the skills necessary for planning that out-of-state hunt.

Two wild boar sniffing for roots on the forest floor

So this project would take some work and planning. Logistically, one would have to sort out their eating and sleeping arrangements, not to mention where to find the animals. Finding the animals and finding public access are two of the most challenging aspects of this adventure.

The best course of action is to first acquire a Hunting and Trapping guide, and begin to identify the species available in your state.

Next, reach out to your state’s DNR and Wildlife Biologist. It may take a few calls and emails to find the right contact, but with a little work, you can make your next dream hunt come true and never be far from home.

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How to Complete a Big Game Slam in Your State