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Compilation of Non-Fatal Car Crashes Caused by Deer and Moose [PICS]

Komo News

Car collisions caused by deer, moose, or elk are extremely common. Here are some examples of why you should always be vigilant when driving on any road. 

Car collisions with deer and other members of the Cervidae family happen all the time. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are roughly 26,000 injuries per year relating to accidents involving wildlife.

The English language even has an idiom: Like a deer in headlights.

Here is a compilation list of car collisions with deer and moose. Stay vigilant when driving your car; deer eyes reflect but moose eyes do not. These collisions are all really frightening but, out of respect, none were fatal.

1. Moose Crash in Maine

Facebook/ Ashley Stoddard

Luckily the driver of this totaled Hyundai walked away with minor injuries. The moose was not so lucky.

2. Deer Falls from Overpass

CBS News

A family was driving along a freeway in Illinois when a deer jumped off an overpass and crushed their minivan. Luckily, the whole family walked away with nothing but bumps and bruises.

3. Deer Runs Across Washington Freeway

Komo News

A woman driving in Washington encountered a deer that ran across a five-lane highway. When she hit the deer, it bounced over the car and somehow crashed into the back window. The woman was composed enough to pull over on the shoulder and was not seriously injured.

4. Ford: Built Tough

The Gin Blog

Couldn’t find any more information about this collision but I think it safe to say that everyone made it out ok, except the deer.

5. Motorcyclist Hits Deer While Racing


A motorcyclist was riding over 300 miles in a two-day rally race in West Virginia when he collided with a deer running across the road. Amazingly, both the rider and the deer survived. Here is the video.

6. Impaled by Antler


A 17-year-old girl was driving on a semi-busy street in broad daylight in Arkansas when a deer collided with her car. The deer’s antler collided with the girl’s jawbone leading to surgery. She survived the accident and will now have one heck of a story.

Often times collisions with cervidae don’t have a happy ending. More and more wildlife bridges have been built to try to lessen car accidents with wildlife. But whenever you are driving, be very careful and always watch for darting wildlife.

Here are the states with most collisions.


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Compilation of Non-Fatal Car Crashes Caused by Deer and Moose [PICS]