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A Compilation of Cringeworthy Outdoor Fails [VIDEO]

As this video shows, there are times when the great outdoors doesn’t go over so great.

This video compilation was provided by FailArmy, which specializes in recounting humanity’s shortcomings. Present in this outdoor-themed video are a falling tree squashing a car like a bug, hikers and fishermen tumbling into water, animal attacks and plenty more cases where Mother Nature got the best of us.

But of course, these kinds of things are better seen than described.

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Things have gone wrong since humans first wandered outside, but modern technology means our screwups are more easily captured and broadcast to the world. These videos are a humbling side effect of our constant need to record ourselves and bring technology into the outdoors.

On the bright side, they’re also a reminder that no matter what happens on your own trip outdoors, things could have been much worse.

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A Compilation of Cringeworthy Outdoor Fails [VIDEO]