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Competitive Shooter Who Fled Venezuela Has Strong Words About Gun Control

NRA News commentator Gabby Franco, who grew up under tyranny in Venezuela, stars in a new video slamming gun control.

For those of you familiar with the National Rifle Association, competitive shooter Gabby Franco is a familiar face. Her commentary is spicy, hard-hitting, and equally informative.

According to her biography, Gabby got involved in the shooting sports at a very early age. She first became exposed to firearms at age 11. At age 16, she joined the Venezuelan Olympic team and won her first International Silver Medal in 1997 at the Bolivarian Games in Peru.  Here's more about her from her biography:

Since then Gabby became one of favorite pistol shooter of the Venezuelan Team competing in 14 different countries in 5 years and earning at least a dozen of International titles. Gabby became Venezuelan National Champion for several years.

Gabby moved to the United States in 2002 shortly after her last match in Brazil (South American Games) where She won 3 Gold medals. In USA Gabby started working in the Firearms Industry becoming more involved in the USPSA and Tactical shooting.

Currently Gabby is FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR and an active competitor in USPSA.

In the latest installment of NRA News' "Freedom's Safest Place" campaign, Franco implores viewers to reject calls for gun control citing her native homeland's embrace of that disastrous policy. Below is the video:

In the video she says,  "I emigrated from Venezuela, one of the most dangerous countries in the world today. A few years ago, the government came for our guns."

"We were told we would be safer without them. Of course the politicians, the rich and famous, their bodyguards, and criminals--they still have their guns," she added.

I wholeheartedly agree with Gabby's message of safeguarding and ensuring the protection of gun rights here in the United States. Like her, my family fled tyranny that befell the Soviet Union, a regime that was plagued by gun control, among many other things.

Those who lived under tyranny marked by gun control are very skeptical about gun confiscation and subsequent disarmament, as they should be. If you wish to connect with Gabby, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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Competitive Shooter Who Fled Venezuela Has Strong Words About Gun Control