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Competition Shooter Hits 16 Shots in 25 Seconds….At 300m! [VIDEO]


Check out how fast one shooter can work his bolt in this impressive display of speed and accuracy.

Speed and accuracy don’t always go hand in hand. Firing multiple accurate shots in a row is a challenge at any speed. However, if you can be accurate and fast at the same time, then you might just make a good competitive shooter.

The shooter in this video makes speed and accuracy look much easier than it really is.

Watch as he hits a target 300 meters away 16 times in only 25 seconds. It is enough to make any shooter envious.

If you watched closely, you noticed the unique way that the shooter fires each shot. It looks like he pulls the trigger with his middle finger which allows him to work the bolt a fraction of a second faster. That fraction of a second can really add up in a competitive shooting environment.

Oh yeah…and he is doing all of this without a bipod! Very impressive.

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Competition Shooter Hits 16 Shots in 25 Seconds….At 300m! [VIDEO]