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Competition 101: The 3-Gun Shotgun [VIDEO]

What's the best way to choose your first 3-gun shotgun?

Venturing in to the world of 3-gun shooting competitions is a huge step in a lot of competition shooters' careers. There is so much more you need to know, three different guns to deal with, and a lot of good athletes. So choosing the right equipment right off the bat is important.

While you don't have to have the best equipment at first, you still need something that is reliable and keeps you competitive. Take, for instance, choosing your first shotgun. Obviously, an over-under break-action shotgun isn't going to cut it. But what are some better options to start with?

In this video, the guys at Super Set CA walk us through some great choices for shotguns that work well in 3-gun competitions.

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As you can see, there are many reasonably priced and good shotguns out there for 3-gun shooting that don't break the budget, but also keep you competitive.

Happy shooting!

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Competition 101: The 3-Gun Shotgun [VIDEO]