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The Compassionate Side of Hunting You ALWAYS See [VIDEO]

Donnie Vincent’s attitude of respect, compassion and gratitude for the animals he hunts is, in fact, representative of the majority of hunters.

Seeker Stories is a film project that “takes a deep look at some of the world’s most unique individuals, places, and cultures.”

Here they take a look at one hunter, Donnie Vincent, and focus on his Newfoundland caribou bowhunt to share a message. It’s a message that more non-hunters should hear and understand: Hunting is a good human endeavor.

It’s great to see a neutral film company produce a video with a positive image of hunting.

Seeker Stories highlights Vincent’s ethical and respectful approach to hunting as well as his reasons for living the hunting lifestyle, one that eschews the impersonal and even unhealthy modern food system.

The given title of this video is “The Compassionate Side of Hunting You Never See.” I take issue with that.

I submit that the great majority of hunters share the very same attitude, belief and approach to hunting that Vincent does. While most of us may not be able to spend entire months at a time hunting in places like Newfoundland, as Vincent does here, most of us approach the sport with the same kind of respect and appreciation for our quarry that he shares in the video.

But you can’t really blame Seeker Stories for not seeing the “compassionate side of hunting” as the norm that it is. The non-hunting public is largely fed only a diet of skewed, prejudicial and half-baked stories and images of hunting, by celebrities and a media that seem overwhelmingly anti-hunting.

In that regard, I appreciate a production that counters the negative propaganda. Hats off to Donnie Vincent and Story Seekers for helping to get the reality of hunting out into the world. Hunting is a compassionate, respectful, and necessary act.

Part of Seeker Stories stated goal with their short documentaries is “to expand our perspective and transform our understanding of the world.”

Let’s hope that a video like this will help serve to enlighten and alter the understanding of some people who have only seen or heard negative things about hunting.

Share it with your non-hunting and hunting friends alike.

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The Compassionate Side of Hunting You ALWAYS See [VIDEO]