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How Do You Compare to the World’s Best Shooters?

Controversial or inspirational, these shooters are amazing to watch.

Whether you shoot a pistol, shotgun, or bow, you will want to see these guys on top of their game. Jerry Miculek, Patrick Flanagan, and Lars Anderson are the three shooters who have put in the years of practice to be referred to as the world’s best shooters.

Jerry Miculek shoots a double action revolver as if it were a full auto. Not only is he quick, he is accurate as well. He hits every target in front of him in the blink of an eye. Literally.

Patrick Flanagan has some pretty impressive shotgun skills as he demonstrates his speed, accuracy, and even a few trick shots. Have you ever tried shooting clay while holding your shotgun upside down over your head? Well, don’t.

Whether you love or hate Lars Anderson, you have to admit he is good with his bow. There is a reason his video went viral. Splitting an incoming arrow in half? You have to see this for yourself.

No matter what you shoot, let these guys motivate you to get some time in on the range.

Speed and accuracy can only help while hunting anything with fur, hooves, or feathers.


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How Do You Compare to the World’s Best Shooters?