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Company Creates Hunting Dog Vest That Helps Repel Ticks


These new vests will help to keep your pet virtually tick-free and highly visible even in the thickest of brush while in the field.

As is the case with most blood sucking insects, ticks can transfer potentially deadly diseases. That is more prone now than ever as cases of Lyme disease from ticks and other diseases are quickly becoming more common.

It’s important to remember that our dogs, most sportsmen’s most trusted hunting partner, are just as susceptible to these diseases as we are. We must take every precaution we can while we take them through thick brush and grass when out in the field.

A new company in Maine called Dog Not Gone has created a new style of canine hunting vests that not only makes them more visible while hunting, but also protects them from ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting insects.

Julie Swain started making the dog vests after being approached by a client of her existing fleece clothing business. The client, who was a avid upland bird hunter and dog trainer, had designed what she thought to be a more effective, durable, and comfortable vest, but needed someone to create it.

After making a few modifications to the original design, Julie started the Dog Not Gone vest company. She soon decided to take things further by trying to figure out a way make the vests not only more visible, but able to protect our four-legged friends from the harm of insects.

She soon discovered a fabric made by Burlington called No Fly Zone. The fabric is infused with permethrin, a synthetic form of a natural repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers. The repellent remains effective even after being washed 70 times.

By combining her designs with their fabrics she hit a home run with dog lovers everywhere. Julie states on her website, “What sets our products apart is really quite simple – superior design, top quality components, and highly skilled American manufacturing. Dog Not Gone Visibility Products are made with pride in Maine from American made 10 Mile cloth. Our exclusive double Velcro closure ensures the vest fits perfectly and won’t come off even in the thickest cover. The genuine 3M reflective stripe glows brightly to ensure you and others can see your dog in low light situations.”

The company isn’t just making hunting dog vests with the No Fly Zone fabric, but as a kerchief and walking vests as well. They also have a line available for horses out on the trail.

You can purchase her products from $12 to $78 from her website.

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Company Creates Hunting Dog Vest That Helps Repel Ticks