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Comfort and Camping Can Coexist

Because comfort and camping is the point, right?

Let’s all be honest, sleep is pretty darn important. When camping, there is always a little doubt in our minds of getting a good night’s rest.

When the day is done and heading back to camp, we are looking to socialize, eat and get some sleep. The first two are usually a given, but quality sleep is sometimes something that we just consider a comfort of home. Or we simply feel so tired that we couldn’t possibly have trouble sleeping. Think again. A cushy place to lay your head is vital to being successful in your outdoor pursuits.

A miserable night of sleep is no more evident anywhere than in a deer stand or wading a river in search of backcountry trout.

Caught up in cots

So, we have the tent, the sleeping bag, and everything you could possibly want to eat. Relying on the forest floor to give you a comfortable night of sleep isn’t going to work out. Air mattresses can work, but are a pain to inflate and are easily damaged. Bed rolls give minimal cushion, and I mean minimal.

A cot gets you up off the ground and allows you the rest you need to function at your best outdoors. The right cot can provide years of good rest while camping and traveling. I have used and abused a cot for over ten years and have never been disappointed in it. I have loaned it to friends and it has not come back broken, so I know this is a well-built sleeping machine.

My cot of choice is the Cabela’s Outfitter XL Cot.


This cot is not a backpacking item; it is big and somewhat bulky. That being said, once you sleep on it a couple of times, you will forget the tent before you go camping without this cot.

It supports up to 600 lbs. and is large enough to support any outdoorsman. It takes up some tent space, but is high enough off the ground that you can store gear underneath. I also purchased the nightstand that allows you a place to store bedside essentials within easy reach. I wouldn’t consider camping without it.

When sleeping outdoors on cold nights, being insulated against the elements is essential, and is even more important when sleeping on a cot. Remember the open air underneath you will warrant more layers, and in the warmer months it provides more comfortable sleeping.

The old saying “you snooze you lose” is the exact opposite when you truly need to sleep. When camping, you need your Zs in order to succeed in whatever your outdoor pursuit may be. Sleep high and dry and awake with no red eyes on a quality cot that you will cherish on future camping trips.


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Comfort and Camping Can Coexist